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Friday, 17 February 2017

It’s a family affair.

It feels like a weekend off after the tension of last Saturdays enjoyable encounter with Woking. The Imps, as ever will be taking the FA Cup tie with Burnley more than seriously and who among us would bet against the Imps pulling off yet another seismic shock and proceeding to what would certainly be uncharted territory?

I’ve greatly enjoyed the snippets of former FA Cup glory published on but I couldn’t help being struck with what a different football world it was all those years ago with tales of the team being invited to the theatre and other entertainments after the game. There were plenty of shenanigans and examples of gamesmanship going on though, not to mention playing on ice and snow bound pitches.

Yet I do wonder if this wonderful run in the cup has brought other quite endearing aspects out in the open. Twitter enables us all to be in touch wherever we are and I’ve been pleased to see pictures of Lincoln City mugs on far off desks and Imps coming out of hiding in former enemy territory and the general feeling that we’re finally able to declare our allegiance without fear of ridicule.

Here in Boston where any animosity is relatively recent, brought about mainly by the local media wanting to stir up an ancient rivalry that never was there to be honest. I’m getting good natured enquiries about the latest game and particularly interest in the latest cup performances. Even some Lincolnshire “us against the world” solidarity. In any case any rivalry only showed itself when we found ourselves in the football league together. Once that was over so was any unnecessary preening I found.

I’ve found some pleasure also in a re-found football solidarity which particularly showed itself in the tie against Ipswich Town but has also surfaced a bit in respect of the forthcoming game against Burnley. Although we ourselves are very minor players in football compared to Ipswich and Burnley I think nevertheless those fans have seen a certain bond between us. Bonds are made to be broken though.

So we await the morrow. Safe journey to those going. Don’t forget your Echo sponge finger. I’ve got mine which should amuse my neighbours and should go some way to explaining why I’m driving up and down my street in my Imps shirt honking my horn singing were on our way should the unthinkable happen.

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