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Saturday, 1 April 2017

End game.

Feeling the strain? I know I am but not Danny Cowley according to the Lincolnshire Echo. Cowley says we should all be enjoying the ride and I’m sure we are but it’s all too close to call at the moment:-

"I'm really excited about what is to come," he said. "These next 30 days can change Lincoln City Football Club forever. We're now coming down the back straight.
"It's brilliant. It's great that it's evoking so much emotion and opinion – and we're living it.
"How many other teams are there that are just playing for the end and are waiting for next season? Plenty.
"Whereas we are living the moment so let's embrace it and enjoy it and roll with it.
"Let's keep doing what we've done all season and believe in what has created the success we've had. If we all keep the belief, the rest will take care of itself."

I’m trying Danny, believe me I’m trying.

Already though, to my mind things have changed, it’s the forever bit that I aspire to. Match days are those of a proper football club if you get my drift. In the pub, on the High Street, at the club well before kick off thousands mill around the stadium, the shop, the offices and the bars giving a real big football club feel. I’m not sure I recall that on such a protracted scale and it’s a fantastic time but Danny Cowley is right to emphasise one thing. He’ll not be around forever, we know that. We hope promotion can be achieved. Most of us are firm in that belief but I think Cowley does, when he eventually move on want to leave a football club that is changed forever. That would be a fine legacy.

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