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Friday, 16 June 2017

A whole new ball game.

Years ago in the days of message boards which I suppose were a precursor to the digital football age we're now in I used to style myself The Impossible Dream. Behind that epithet I used to wax lyrical about the prospects for Lincoln City. At about the same time that most super of super fans, Chris Ashton used to write a column in the Football Echo under the title The Oracle of Optimism.

I don’t think either of us in our wildest, or most impossible of dreams ever imagined ourselves, having witnessed the most magisterial of promotion and championship campaigns and mulling over the implications of over 5000 season ticket holders, awaiting the publication of the football league, yes that’s right, football league fixture list with Lincoln City so favourably positioned.

Ah yes, I hear you say, but what about new signings? Well we all like to get excited about them but I’m sure news is just around the corner and in fact the Echo are reported City have had two out of three offers accepted and new signings are a possibility, subject to contract.

Any writer will tell you inspiration is the key to a good paragraph or two and what sparked this particular bout of enthusiasm is the trailer that I’m sure you’ve seen for a tribute to the season past entitled “Impossible is just an opinion”.

I’m sure older supporters pine for the old days of the Football Echo, which was a marvellous publication, on the streets an hour or so after the final whistle but there was no local radio, at least not till later and that for a lower league football fan was as good as it got as the national daily’s certainly didn’t stoop so low as the fourth division, maybe a couple of lines in the Sundays.

What struck me was the quality of the product we are now eagerly awaiting which I suppose is testament to the sheer volume of material available as City seemed to be hardly off the television and we must pay tribute, as the club do, to the fantastic cover given to us by BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Personally I’ve gone from feeling somebody up there doesn’t like us to feeling truly blessed but as Danny Cowley has taught us the impossible is not a dream and not even an opinion. If you work hard enough and believe and stick together it can be a reality and it’s here right now.

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