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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Cambridge get a point organised.

First I just want to say I shook hands with an old teacher of mine, John Kennedy today. He said he remembered me even though I last spoke to him 48 years ago and I believed him. He was a very good teacher and a very good goalkeeper although I think he spent his day shaking hands with sixty somethings like me who remember him as an exceptional English teacher rather than goalkeeper. For my money he was both.

On to the game and I think we’ve just got to accept that this game will not be an exception. Cambridge didn’t come to Lincoln to play for a draw in my view but they certainly didn’t want another loss. They followed a game plan and it stood them in good stead. Three changes to the team took its toll and an experiment with Billy Knott as a sort of winger didn’t pay off. We’ve got enough real ones, I don’t really know why we did that other than to get Billy back on the pitch.

Last week City looked like world beaters initially then got worse. This week they were poor in the first half and failed to improve. It wasn’t really a big deal, they didn’t lose and are very handily placed going forward, it was entertaining. Did Luke Waterfall do enough to retain his place, yes. Will he? Probably not. As a unit the defence were effective. I was astonished to read that some people were criticising Bostwick and Woodyard. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I think I know two good midfielders when I see them. Maybe Bostwick is a centre half at heart but for me he’s more than worth his place.

I found myself watching various good individual performances. Neil Eardley is the sort of player that makes me glad I bought a season ticket. Bostwick and Woodyard (see above) are a delight to watch but it is in attack that it all starts to get a bit questionable and no one more so than Matt Green who is playing like a man with a millstone round his neck. In an ideal world he’d have a nice rest but would you leave him out? You can’t question the workrate and you never know, one goal and he could be taking the match ball home.

I do just want to say I may have been a little premature in writing Matt Rhead off, I thought he was first class yesterday. Maybe he’s the answer to the misfiring front line. In any event he put in a shift that had the fans on their feet. I don’t in all honesty expect Rhead to be starting too many games but if he’s going to perform like he did today all I can say is welcome back.

I’ve said before and we’re all agreed, the step up to league two was a quantum leap and clearly it’s going to take time to fully make the adjustment. Nevertheless, we’re in a good position, holding our own unlike some recently promoted teams I could mention. There’s money in the bank and I think if we’re still in this position come Christmas some of it will be spent. Matchdays are a revelation, far better than anything I’ve experienced before, promotion campaigns excepted. I’m certainly not complaining.

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