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Friday, 13 October 2017

The silent majority.

It used to be known as the library but then along came Danny Cowley and now it’s not allowed for supporters to snooze away Saturday afternoons in the Selenity Stand, he just won’t tolerate it. One thing you don’t hear much of though is criticism of the team. I assumed that was the case all over the stadium but apparently not, according to the Echo and other blogs which is something that really surprises me. Professional football is a game played by human beings for the pleasure of other human beings. If you don’t want human frailties along with triumph take up computer gaming or something.

Apparently last Saturdays win against Chesterfield was the subject of some grumbling. Not from me and not from those who sit around me. Sure, the first half was better than the second in terms of excitement but as the manager pointed out there’s other aspects to the game such as the nuances of defending a lead, hanging on when you’re under pressure. Seeing the game out.

I presume this negativity is not coming from those of us that have sat out the last few barren years. The present team, indeed the whole set up is a world away from the stuff we have had to watch and that’s with all due respect to those players and indeed managers who have tried their honest best to turn the situation round. You just have to put it all down to experience and move on as best you can. It didn’t work for whatever reason. I hear criticism of past managers and players but I can’t imagine anyone came to Lincoln with the express ambition of failing.

Just to cheer ourselves up and I can’t in all honesty think why anyone might need cheering up at the moment, the present situation has come about from one of those very rare (for Lincoln City) moments in time when pretty much everything lately has gone right for the club. You can tell that from some of the comments you hear from other clubs, managers etc. It’s easy to be magnanimous when you’ve just beaten someone, not so much when you’re the loser. They don’t like it. My message to them is, you can lump it.

So we welcome Cambridge United, a club Danny Cowley has some time for. From City’s point of view an eminently winnable game. Maybe the Imps will win, maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll win in style, maybe they won’t. It could be a classic, it could be dull. That’s football and if you don’t like it you know what you can do don't you?

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