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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Football. The joy and pain-for life.

Football supporting is not like going to the supermarket or even the theatre. Its pot luck. You may see a classic, usually you won’t. Football supporting is not like just going to a match either. In my youth I went, with a mate, all over the place. Nottingham, Sheffield, Derby, Grimsby even. That was just to see a game. Supporting a team is different. Unconditional. Through thick and thin.

Football supporters are optimistic too. It’s always going to be our year. Until we discover it’s not but there’s always another year and another. Soon enough you’ll be an old codger like me sat in your flat cap in the Selenity Stand saying things like “that wouldn’t have even been a free kick in my day”

When I hear some of the moaning about the present side, sniping about a misfiring striker or a midfielder who can’t pass I’m saddened. Football fans like to moan, I’m not talking about that but when I look back at some of the stuff I’ve watched over the years I’m reminded of a politician called Harold MacMillan. You've probably never heard of him, he was from way back but he said, of the country “you’ve never had it so good”.

That, dear fellow fan is my appraisal of the current situation at Sincil Bank. For us, it doesn’t get much better. Further promotion could be achieved but in terms of where the club is going, the fan zone, the training ground (soon please), the new stadium plans, things could be a whole lot worse and I know because I’ve been there.

I’ve enjoyed the Checkatrade Trophy, I don’t mind admitting but I’m cross with the football authorities for coming up with such a divisive concept. I think that’s partly to blame for this present undercurrent of uncertainty in our support. Let’s instead delight in the tenacity of our intrepid 272 fans at Yeovil yesterday to see City break in to the playoff places, just in time for Christmas and you know what they say about league position at that time.

It’s a bit too early for a Christmas message but if I was sending one I’d say enjoy it while it lasts. You’ve never had it so good.

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