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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Who needs pace when you Rhead the game like Matt?

It all seems to be a little quiet in Impdom this week but one piece of news has enlivened matters, Matt Rhead will be staying with City for the foreseeable future. He may even end his career as an Imp.

Like you I suspect and certainly like many of our opponents’ supporters I thought Matt was a typical non-league bruiser. Opponents who brush him off in similar vein usually change their minds by the final whistle. After the Oldham cup tie I read one of their bloggers who described Rhead as “typical non-league but with a touch I’m not used to seeing”. Bearing in mind that was a fan who regularly watched league one that was a big compliment.

Now of course we Imps know Matt for the player he is. Don’t judge a book by its cover. In terms of ability to receive the ball in a crowded space, laying off and passing, heading, he’s up there.

Matt may not get the game time he used to or that he would like for that matter but the Cowleys are masters at managing the health and effectiveness of their players. I think Rhead realises that which is why he chose to stay rather than departing for more game time elsewhere.

In any event, going off with the applause of your supporters ringing in your ears, many thousands of supporters, can’t be too bad a way of ending a game or a career for that matter.

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