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Sunday, 15 April 2018

City back to earth with a bump one week after Wembley.

I suppose I’d allowed myself to get carried away after the Checkatrade Trophy win on Sunday. Listening to Friday Football on the computer on Saturday morning where Clive Nates was one of the studio guests cranked up the anticipation. He’s always such a positive influence on me and this time he brought us news that we’re always keen to hear, the impending new contract for the Cowley brothers.

Maybe this was a planned thing after all the angst over the past week and the will they won’t they surrounding Ipswich Town brought about by Mick McCarthy’s walkout. I’d refused to get too carried away by all that but it felt like I was on my own as Impdom threatened meltdown despite all the reassuring noises coming from the club. Perhaps it was felt that a word from someone in authority would calm things down and there’s no bigger boardroom authority at the moment than Clive Nates.

The new contract was the big news of course but it overshadowed another announcement, the impending joining of the board of another Sportvest member. As far as I can see from the companies house records there are three main figures behind Sportvest and this means two of them will be on the board assuming it all goes through and with it, one hopes, more significant investment for the club. I don’t normally attribute South Africans with a particular penchant for humour but one thing Nates said made me chuckle. Asked by Michael Hortin about the development, he ventured the opinion that another investor had fallen in love with the club? He’s only human was the reply, well it made me laugh.

Yesterdays result was not a reason for mirth unfortunately. Not a tale of a valiant effort unrewarded more a case of after the Lord Mayors show and Danny Cowley could not hide his disappointment after the game when interviewed by the aforementioned Mr Hortin. There was plenty of scope for optimism but Cowley was having none of it. Ask me again later in the week was the best that could be dragged out of him.

Not long to wait either as Wycombe wander into town for what was always going to be a massive game on Tuesday. Downcast as he is at the moment, matching all our demeanours this morning I’m sure but win lose or draw the Cowleys and their mentor Clive Nates have made every Lincoln City game a momentous one. You may approve of that or not but it’s certainly true.

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