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Friday, 13 April 2018

Back to business.

If you’d asked the question would you swap your day out at Wembley for promotion or even a play-off place probably at least 9000, those who regularly attend games, would plump for promotion?

That’s not to say it wasn’t a memorable day and long overdue and of course, being Lincoln City we might have had that first Wembley experience several years ago but the stadium was being redeveloped. Chances are we’d have lost though whereas we didn’t and those memories will be all the more golden in years to come.

We should now be firmly focussed on the next few games and I dare say the management and players are but we fans continue to fret about the likelihood of the managers staying. The managers will be unconcerned because they and only they know what will happen. Players don’t worry about that kind of thing. Personally, whilst it’s very much on my mind I don’t worry about it because it’s wasted effort and I don’t like to do that. In any case I am relatively unconcerned and the reason for that is it’s the Cowleys we are dealing with. If our manager was Steve Evans or Mark Cooper I’d be equally pessimistic. Evans would be off at the first sniff of something more lucrative and we know that because he did.

However, I look at two things. How satisfied are the Cowleys with life at Lincoln and what is the likelihood of a better offer being made (not an offer, an offer better than they have with us)? There are any number of clubs who could greatly increase their wages we know that but let’s just take Ipswich as they are the ones in our minds at the moment. Massively in debt and losing money every week and with increasingly vitriolic fans demanding a return to their glory days which were some considerable time ago. Plus free flowing passing football. An East Anglian Real Madrid. A good man, Mick McCarthy, who most professionals agree did a good job, was hounded out. Would you go? Would the Cowleys be capable of delivering that style of football?

One, the most important, reason I’m so confident is the Cowleys are not motivated by money they are motivated by building, renovating, improving both themselves and their charges and their club. The Cowleys, adored, lauded, recipients of the Lincoln Civic Award, followed by 27000 supporters to Wembley. I could add the Cowleys who have stated they will be moving their operation to Lincolnshire. Plans can alter, I know that but if I were in their position, confident in my ability to keep on improving and not interested in an easy life I think I’d be inclined to stay right where I am for the present.

So we go on. In the words of the song, The road is long, there are mountains in our way, but we climb a step every day. That sums it up for me but starting with Port Vale tomorrow it will take a monumental effort to get where we want to be, however the tools are there and if they make it, given the relationship between fans and club and particularly fans and the manager you could truly say Love lifts us up where we belong.

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