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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

City make a statement: We’re little old Lincoln no more.

Little old Lincoln is how John Beck described his then club. Never one to miss an opportunity for self-publicity the inference was City should not really be in the position they are, they’re too small but thanks to me they’re punching above their weight.

That was disregarding of course the efforts of Bill Anderson, Graham Taylor and Colin Murphy but last night City swept all that away along with Coventry City. We’re not little old Lincoln, we’re big old Lincoln and we’re coming to get you.

Danny Cowley by contrast says that Lincoln City can be whatever they want to be and certainly the fans are league one already if not higher as last night’s turnout confirmed. Ironically that boosted Coventry’s average gate a little higher as there were more home fans in the ground. Here for the Lincoln?

Mathematically, City need one more point to be certain of the play-offs but that’s assuming Mansfield win their remaining games. It’s more likely to be Coventry disappointed after last night but I still think its Mansfield who will rue the day they appointed a manager who no doubt promised the earth and was on the first train out of town the minute something more appealing came along.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but personally I’m pencilling the play off dates in my diary. Play off success usually comes the way of the team who peaks at the right time. We didn't do that previously. Now though we are a totally different proposition both as a team and a club. Put it this way would you want to meet us?

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