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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Don’t like getting beaten by Lincoln City? Take a good look at yourself.

Once again some more nonsense from defeated league two opponents and their apologists. I thought they had more class than that. When Coventry City were victorious at Sincil Bank earlier in the season all I read from Lincoln City supporters was praise. Best side to visit the Bank. Although disappointed I agreed with that sentiment.

No doubt when Coventry were relegated they were full of hope that an immediate return to league one would ensue. It still might of course but it has been anything but easy and not helped by gaining no points against us on Tuesday. In fact in the end they were comprehensively defeated. According to the Coventry Telegraph we carried on from last season where we bullied our way to promotion and a battering ram scored our opener. Battering ram. Really? It looked as exquisite a finish as you’ll see to me. Bullies? I think not. Bullies are cowards and we require our players to stand up and be counted.

For the Telegraphs information the football league kindly supply a neutral referee to oversee all games. He (or she) decides what is fair or foul. True, Matt Rhead irritates me sometimes with his machinations but, if it is decided that is against the rules he goes in the book and thereafter moderates his actions or goes off, one way or the other.

Let us consider another of our detractors, the wonderful Forest Green Rovers and their successful and talented manager. They, you may recall although beaten home and away by City are the true guardians of footballs soul. Protectors of the game against ruffians like Lincoln City. You I seem to remember were going to find league two easy. Well my vegan friends, you almost did claim a record, that of the first club to be promoted to the league and straight back down again. You escaped that ignominy because Barnet and Chesterfield were a bit worse than you. If that’s the moral high ground you’re on it.

I would imagine these pathetic whimperings are either of no consequence or maybe a source of amusement to our managers. We’ve been compared to the Wimbledon of old. That doesn’t concern me in the slightest although it’s completely innacurate. The Cowley brothers will occupy a place in football some way above the Mark Robins’ and Mark Coopers of this world before too long. If you don’t like that you know what you can do.

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