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Friday, 18 May 2018

End of the beginning?

Well there we are, no second trip to Wembley, another season in league two beckons. We’ll be older and wiser and hopefully will have used the experience of this season to improve next. City looked a weary outfit at the end, the defeated team always does but if this campaign has taught us anything it is that we were probably a couple short in the squad.

The club did of course try to add to the numbers and there lies another important difference between the club going to Wembley and the one that isn’t, finishers. Exeter felled the Imps with a couple of goals that would have enhanced any final, City could not respond.

I found a certain grim amusement in the commentator pressing on with his “long ball Lincoln” theme, resolutely direct was the expression I think as City passed the ball about looking more Arsenal than league two. However, like Arsenal, the ball did not find its way into the net.

I wouldn’t normally seek to include the referee in any culpability for City’s failings but I don’t think we were treated with equanimity. There again if you fling yourself to the ground every time someone brushes past you you’re going to get a reputation. Sorry Rheady, that’s you. His cut head revealing the extent of the misdemeanour that should have resulted in a penalty but didn’t and earlier on when Whitehouse’s strike was disallowed after a consultation with the linesman that should have resulted, if anything, in a penalty also.

All this is not supposed to convey the impression that City should have won, the right team has gone through but, not for the first time this season the decisions have not been kind to us. The management need to analyse why that is. They may need to look at themselves too.

If those paragraphs betray a certain weary resignation that’s about right however the season, by any standards for a newly promoted side has been nothing but positive and I’ve really enjoyed it. City showed they could retain and pass the ball last night, personally I’d like to see more of that and less lump it up. Clearly the close season transfer business is going to be crucial. Hopefully the geographical situation that Danny has spoken about can be overcome as we enhance our reputation. If Norwich can recruit I’m sure in our own more modest way with a supportive and numerous fan base, charismatic managers and progressive board not to mention a brand new state of the art training base, the Imps can do likewise. We all know, or think we know where City need strengthening. We can now sit back, take a breath and await developments.

Enjoy the holidays, your gardens, cars, bikes, allotments, whatever you do with yourselves whilst you wait for the season to start again. Up the Imps!

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