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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Actions speak louder than words.

I’m not sure what the accepted wisdom on away matches in the evening is. I remember years ago John Reams saying the team would normally be expected to take a leisurely coach journey on the day whatever the distance. Times were different then of course.

That is not the approach with the modern day Imps and we know they travelled last night. Presumably if they’d given up on the tie they’d not have gone to the expense. We’re all used to watching European games these days and we know that a draw in the first leg is not a disaster even if that’s at home. I’m sure that’s Danny Cowleys view where as we know defeat is not something to be considered an option.

My guess is tonight’s game will not be that different to the first although there will come a point where one team or the other, or both, will decide they have to go for it. Here I believe City may have an edge. Whilst Exeter were at Wembley last year the Imps have a much more recent visit to recall and how did they get there? A penalty shoot-out. Football at the final stages of a competition is often a case of fine margins, could this give us an edge? City have gone from knockout failures to specialists and we know one of the Cowleys specialities is knockout competitions and this is one aspect of their arsenal that attracted the board to them. It makes sense to a small lower league or non league side as we were then, to have the chance to make more money by progressing in a cup competition. Of course they did more than make money they broke records and made, for us a fortune that has enabled the manager to prepare well by staying over without having to break the bank. We’re not in a cup competition but were in a knockout one and now two games from even more spectacular progress.

I see Shrewsbury have made it back to Wembley again in very short order, what price on City doing the same? I’m really quite confident that we may.

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