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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Far be it from me Danny, but Cambridge and Carlisle. It’s all water under the bridge.

In an extraordinary interview after last night's game v Carlisle United Danny Cowley attributed some of the blame for the draw down to the fact that it was not possible to water the pitch either before the game or at half time.

This was undoubtedly a setback and to be honest, whilst I didn’t twig the pitch hadn’t been watered I did notice City were invariably going long when surely passing the ball was the way to go.

On the other hand, Carlisle didn’t seem to have any difficulty finding their men. They certainly did it much better than us and showed why they have been so successful on the road.

The unlamented John Beck could always be relied upon to produce a quote or two and a couple of his that spring to mind are that even the most successful sides will have a blip or two throughout a season. The other is that, no matter how well drilled a team are they are human beings not machines.

I think in the cold light of day City’s problems last night could in no small measure be down to the chasing they were given on Saturday coping with most of the game a man down. The squad is quite severely depleted at the moment and one player in particular is sorely missed, Jason Shackell.

Danny’s disappointment surely mirrored our own, that’s two home games we hoped for four or even six points from but only garnered two. That’s football and that’s life so let’s try and get it in perspective.

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