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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Not to be missed, the Lincoln City Circus rolls into town. Cast of thousands.

There’s never a dull moment in the United Impdom is there? This week, City drop four points, the pitch doesn’t get watered and Danny Cowley recreates a Kevin Keegan outburst live on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

I suspect that spleen venting on Tuesday night had as much to do with the dropped points as the lack of slick passing and possibly that Cowleys Imps side got a bit of a lesson from a Carlisle United team well used to getting their own way on the road and showing how they do it to the league leaders in their own backyard. To quote another manager, this time rather closer to home “do I not like that?” Danny decidedly didn’t.

Still, the game wasn’t lost, the points tally rose, albeit by a small amount and Lincoln City remain in top place by three points and we move on, to Colchester United. Danny Cowley is fond of quoting this club or that as some way ahead of City in terms of development off the pitch and I suspect this may be the case with Colchester. Certainly they are accommodated in a good looking stadium whereas City are stuck in their, chooses words carefully, somewhat more homely surroundings.

I recall Colchester getting promoted through the playoffs the year City were promoted to the equivalent of league one. City were relegated at the first time of asking but Colchester went on to enjoy many seasons at the higher level. I see their new stadium is almost identical in capacity to Sincil Bank. Two clubs I think City would do well to emulate, Rotherham United and Peterborough United have different ideas of preparing for the future, Rotherham in a new facility, capacity 12000 and Posh redeveloping their London Road venue, capacity 15500. It’s half a superb stadium and half a fifties throwback. Decisions decisions.

City travel on Friday. Would they have done that in years gone by? I suspect not. It’s a bitty sort of trip, Colchester but I suspect finances would not allow a stopover previously but now money’s not exactly no object but there’s certainly enough to allow for the most meticulous preparation, Cowley style. I’ve already used water under the bridge last time but, you know, onwards and upwards. Colchester is a big ask when it comes to more points gained but Danny Cowley will be asking, you can be sure of that.

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