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Thursday, 1 November 2018

If you can’t beat ‘em adopt the moral high ground.

Yes it’s the much anticipated visit of Forest Green Rovers this weekend. Is there something of a thaw in the permafrost? Mark Cooper seems to be going out of his way to effect an air of conciliation:-

““Full credit to Lincoln, because they get 10,000 people through the gate, so they’re entitled to pay what they pay for players - we get a couple of thousand, so it becomes more difficult for us, but we have had to have a small squad to make sure are quality is good this year and we need to be lucky with injuries and suspensions.”

That’s glossing over the massive investment of FGR’s owner previously although I see their latest financial results showing a profit but, yes, City pay big money, Cooper was not the first to say that and why not? It’s not as if its borrowed money and why shouldn’t City’s players be well remunerated, they’re playing in front of the biggest crowds in the league.

Before that we had some nonsense in the local paper from a fan who’d managed to get his views printed, something about tika taka football I mean honestly what planet are these people on?

Cooper himself delivered one of those back handed complements saying his side are playing flowing football whilst agricultural Lincoln take the direct approach but we do it well. Thanks for that. It’s all very amusing and would be even more so if City win on Saturday but after the last few days how many of us will be approaching the contest with our usual chutzpah?

Still there’s no better team to regain your mojo against and this tie does seem to often herald something of a rekindling of City’s fortunes. One lives in hope.

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