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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Akinde and Bozzie inspire Lincoln City to a memorable win.

I came away from this game thinking City got out of jail here. I thought of the comments Mark Cooper would be making and for once I’d have to agree with him. His team were fluent, accurate, strong. If we’re being honest, a joy to watch.

Then I got thinking of some of the comments before the game, one in particular:-

"At the end of your career, no matter what you've won, it's the respect of your peers that's important.”

I considered that quote and the context of the game became clearer to me. That’s so much nonsense, as is a lot of the stuff coming out of FGR. Sorry Mr C. Results are what matter and, once again, for the fifth time running is it? You lost. Null points. Nada, nothing.

FGR ran rings around the Imps, City were decidedly second best and yet what did it come down to? Two defensive errors that City capitalised on. Result? Three points.

Now to be fair, Cooper didn’t come out with the drivel we’ve come to expect from defeated managers, in fact, as I alluded to previously I do wonder if this supposedly vitriolic dislike of each other has run it’s course. He was honest and forthright about his team. Yes they looked great, I don’t think we’d disagree with that but those two slip ups handed the points to City which brings me back to my original point. You can say what you like about the respect of your peers but what matters, what it all boils down to, are wins. That’s the sole criteria. Sorry Mark, your team looked great, you’ve got some fantastic players but you lost. Again.

Danny Cowley revealed after the game that the Imps have been battling to get certain players fit but my abiding memory, apart from the elation of the final whistle, two memories in fact. John Akinde turned in the sort of performance we’ve all been hoping for. Can we all shut up now and let him get on with it? Secondly, after a couple of slightly below par showings lately (in this context below par equals far better than most) Michael Bostwick is back to his imperious magisterial bear like Herculean best. Long may that continue.

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