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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Dynasty Ball, Glasgow.

Up in Bonny Scotland last weekend for the above, which you might think is an awful long way to go for a bit of a knees up but the fact is our closest friends are Scots and they attended this event, in aid of the Darlinda Charity for renal research, last year and we joined them this year. It’s a health charity so there were a lot of medics there and also lots of media types, it’s one of Scotland’s most glittering social occasions and there were people from TV as well as the newspaper world.
Not having visited Scotland until recently it’s been an eye opener seeing and meeting ordinary Scots in their own environment as opposed to those living in England. It’s certainly lovely scenery, we managed a trip on Sunday to see Loch Lomond. Glasgow is not one of those cities that jump out at you as a weekend destination but it’s certainly up there in terms of shopping and I greatly enjoyed an all too brief visit to the Kelvingrove Gallery where I saw a particularly striking Dali painting. Not my normal cup of tea but it was an awe inspiring piece. Some charming impressionist paintings too and good examples of Scottish art. We have said we’ll go next year so I shall make sure I reserve a full day to go again. We wont need to do the open top bus tour again so that will free up some time. There’s a spitfire, an actual one suspended from the ceiling. What a sight and you can get right up close to it.

One thing you can never accuse the Scots of is being a misery at parties. The minute the band starts they’re up and on the dance floor, must be a performers dream and they keep on partying till the music packs up and the bar closes. Don’t bother with Barcelona or Prague if you’re up for a good time, get yourself invited to a Scottish do. You won’t regret it!

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