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Thursday, 8 December 2011

David Holdsworth reveals he is not a history student.

If he was he wouldn’t have told the Echo’s Leigh Curtis Lincoln City could win the FA Trophy. In any case, City don’t have a trophy cabinet do they? Even if they did it’s probably got some other use by now.

Yes, it’s the FA Trophy this weekend when the Imps will travel to Colwyn Bay in what Leigh describes as a potential banana skin. That’s more realistic. Holdsworth was asked if our hapless heroes could win it:-

"Absolutely. Of course we can win it," said the City supremo

"We will go out to do as well as we can in the trophy.

"I did very well at Ilkeston in it and the Mansfield squad I put together last season reached the final, but were beaten by Darlington.

"Cup games are so important and you have to fire yourself up for them.

"You have to play the occasion as well as the game.

"But we will be seen as a big scalp by Colwyn Bay and we will need to be very professional.

"We are looking forward to going there and making sure that we are still in the hat at least.

"The fans will get a buzz out of it because four games in and you are in the semi-final, one game away from the mighty Wembley."

That’s what we like to hear, misplaced optimism without a nod to the fact that, for a club formed to win the Lincolnshire Cup, City have barely troubled the second round of most competitions. I really hope I’m tempting providence here, we could do with something to take our minds off the drudgery of the league.

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