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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

As a railway journey it doesn’t look that great.

Did anyone see Boston on TV last night? It was featured on the latest instalment of Michael Portillo’s Great Railway Journeys. Apart from Boston railway station which I really do think lets the town down with its scruffy appearance I thought the programme showed the town in a good light and highlighted the many attractive areas Boston has to offer. A nice change from the usual bottom of everything negativity.
Very interesting to hear the links to Boston USA and the history behind it and some lovely photos of Boston of old. Yes it once was a very important and wealthy place.

Where I think Boston is not helped is the railway station. It’s hard to believe that at one time the town was on the main line from London to the north, so was Lincoln. You could get a train to pretty much anywhere. Now if it’s not Skegness or Nottingham you’ve had it. Both sides of the line were graced with typical railway architecture. Now half the buildings are gone and the other half is barely in use. The waiting room, toilets and booking hall close at 3.30. No wonder Bostonians are tiring of national political parties.

Incidentally Derby to Nottingham, Grantham, Boston. Back to Grantham and then up north is not my idea of a railway journey. More a collection of destinations but there again such is the savaging our railways took once you’ve reached Boston or Skegness to continue to the end of the line all you can do is go back again. Sums us up really.

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