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Monday, 16 January 2012

All is revealed.

I had the temerity to question the manager leaving out Josh Gowling and Gavin McCallum from Saturday’s squad for the FA Trophy game. I now read on the Echo’s website that these players along with Tony Sinclair are the ones who have been spotted outside a Lincoln nightclub on Thursday night when they should be tucked up in bed.

I don’t think an apology is necessary as I was unaware of the nightclub story at the time I wrote the Carshalton article but it certainly puts the team selection into perspective.

Gowling particularly disappoints me. He’s club captain and he should be doing everything he can to get back in the team. Lincoln is not London or even Nottingham. You’re always going to be seen but that’s not the point. They’re professionals.

No wonder the fans are demotivated and this time no one can blame the board. People pay good money to see the team play. Alright, it’s not the Premier League but if we wanted to watch players who have been out on the razzle we could do that any Sunday morning.

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