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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Clicking turnstiles?

Not really but it makes a change from revolving doors, either way it’s a busy time at Sincil Bank as David Holdsworth shuffles his pack. There I go again.

As mentioned previously Kyle Perry is on his way, to Telford according to one report I saw. Perry is yet another in a long line of strikers at Lincoln who can’t/won’t jump, struggles with headers and generally doesn’t seem to play to his physical attributes which a certain lady of my acquaintance was admiring as recently as Boxing Day. She’ll miss him, not many others will which is a shame as these players looking for another chance come and go and as a fan you hope they will grasp the opportunity. Usually they don’t.

Talking of recycled strikers looking for another chance, City have signed Richard Pacquette until the end of the season. He has been round the block so to speak and does seem to have a good scoring rate. Why does he scoot around so much then? Maybe we’ll find out.

Very much on the minus side Richard Hinds has departed. Contract cancelled say the official site. To pastures new on better money say the pundits on twitter. We’re getting used to that. Danny Hone has extended his loan at Barrow.

A winger, Danny Lloyd, has signed from Colwyn Bay, hopefully in time to play against York. Exciting times, even if the names fail to excite. I look forward to being proved wrong.

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