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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Embarrassed to be an Imp.

Getting out in the fresh air, a bit of escapism, forgetting your troubles and seeing people who are a lot better than you play a game of football. That’s what watching professional football is about, camaraderie, togetherness, letting yourself go.

For many seasons now Lincoln City fans have just had the fresh air bit, nothing to look forward to, very little pleasure in the football, assurances, promises. Things can only get better but they don’t.

Last night truly was a new low point in following the Imps. As fans we have to accept defeat, of course. Sometimes defeat to a team we were expecting to beat. We are now at a point when we don’t expect anything. Out played by a team so far below in the football pyramid most fans had barely heard of them. By all accounts the Carshalton fans were sympathetic and gave the away fans an easy time. They couldn’t believe how bad we were.

The brief uplift in the mood caused by the announcement of the cash injection yesterday now but a memory. It’ll take more than that half a million to cure the malaise at Sincil Bank. A few seasons ago there was cash in the bank, or so we were told. Keith Alexander had the team riding high in the league. Regular attendances of 5000 plus. That was the time for the half million but no. Budgets were cut, promotion was not achieved, opportunity knocked and the door was slammed in its face.

Relegation, we are told has cost the club a million pounds, as if relegation was something visited upon the club whilst we weren’t looking, nothing to do with us but the reality was it was entirely to do with us. The chairman comes in for a lot of criticism and I’m not going to join in but he should have stepped in when we needed very little to see us safe, dispatched Tilson and got in somebody, anybody, to bring a change in the mood and the couple of points that would have seen us preserve our league status.

So here we are then, poised for a new dawn. Our new team, want to play for Lincoln City and will see us through to better times. They look to me like cast offs other teams do not want and I challenge them to prove me wrong.

As for the new dawn it still looks very dark to me.

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