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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lincolnshire this week.

We start with a slow news week story. Louth Leader has reported the discovery of hundreds of dead starfish washed up on Mablethorpe beach. Skegness resident Miss Fisher (!) called the Leader to report the find:-

“I was walking along the beach when I saw hundreds of dead starfish, rows and rows of them.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A spokesman for the Marine Conservation Society confirmed mass strandings were common in winter time and it was likely that rough seas had dislodged them in large numbers.

In a masterly stroke of understatement, the Taxpayers Alliance have described Lincolnshire County Council’s paying £22000 a year in taxi fares to transport three students to college as “not good value”. The journeys, by students attending West Anglia College to study animal management have caused a row, the students contribute £298 towards their transport. County Councillor Patricia Bradwell pointed out, this being Lincolnshire there was no public transport to get the students to college.

Poor old Boston is top of the charts again. This one highlights that the town faces the greatest risk of flooding in the country, along with Skegness. As if the borough hasn’t had enough to deal with lately, residents now find themselves facing increased premiums or even refusal of cover for flood risk when insuring.

Somewhere definitely not at risk of flooding, not the top anyway, Steep Hill in Lincoln, recently voted Britain’s best street by the Academy of Urbanism has been celebrating the Year of the Dragon. In the first of a series of events held to celebrate the winning of the title, the Chinese New Year has been marked in traditional style. Traditional Chinese style that is with a dragon, appropriately enough, crackers etc. In a BBC TV report it was pointed out that the street provides employment for over 200 people, cause enough for celebration in these uncertain times.

The East Coast Target reports that police are to investigate abusive remarks made on Twitter about contestants in a brass band contest held at Butlins, Skegness. The comments posted during the Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival also included pictures of competitors.

A restored lifeboat which was rescued by a Lincoln man is to take part in the Queens Jubilee Flotilla. The event, to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee held on June 3rd will see around 1000 boats sail in a special pageant on the River Thames. The boat, which was destined for the scrapheap was originally one of ten lifeboats flanking the large liners of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. Named Lady of the Mann the 27 foot boat will be in good company. On the flotilla will be the royal barge, historic vessels and even a floating bell tower.

Two barber brothers are to branch out by opening new premises in Guildhall Street Lincoln in addition to their existing shop in West Parade. The brothers, Giovanni and Greg Viscomi, members of a family established for many years in the city are carrying on the business started by their father Salvatore in the 1970’s. Salvatore himself came from a family of Italian barbers and has now retired to Italy and the crimping brothers are hoping to continue the dynasty and will be offering a very traditional barber service from their new city centre salon.

Finally, something to cheer us locals up if not those of you abroad. A new micro brewery is to open in Bourne if South Kesteven Planners agree. Michael Thurlby and Simon Raines want to operate the brewery from a former tyre and exhaust centre in Bourne having decided against a similar venture in Stamford. Simon Raines is head brewer at Ufford Ales. He told the Stamford and Rutland Mercury:-

“After we got planning permission last June for the brewery in Stamford, we found that there were a couple of things that weren’t right with the premises and we decided not to go ahead with it.

“We are looking at leasing the premises in Bourne. This is an application for a change of use whereas the premises in Stamford had that, so it is more complicated.

“The Stamford one wasn’t sustainable but hopefully this one will be.”

Mr Thurlby already owns pubs and a hotel in the area so there are plenty of outlets for the new brews. Here’s to their very good health, and the business of course.

Hopefully you’ll be having a little tipple this weekend yourself wherever that may be. Cheers!

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