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Friday, 15 November 2013

Should I stay or should I go.

Much speculation in the press and amongst the twitterati at the moment about Andrew Boyce and his release clause.

Personally, whilst I would miss seeing Boyce’s performances, he is one of my favourite players, I don’t think the club should seek to prevent the player leaving and indeed I think the fact that there is conjecture is a good thing. At least we have a player who is coveted by a football league club. Alright, I understand that club is Scunthorpe United but, leaving aside slightly hurt pride no one can deny they are a well run club whose recent status has been considerably higher than the Imps.

Boyce reminds me of a slightly less beefy Gareth McAuley and I believe with the right guidance he can go on to emulate that player and perform at the highest level, at least in club football. I’ll say this through gritted teeth; I believe he will get at least the start of that guidance from the Iron, Brian Laws et al.

Given the fact that former Blues owner Peter Swann is now at Glanford Park we have all the evidence we need to support the theory that Boyce will be playing his football next season up the A15. If he does, good luck to him, he’s done us a good job and at least we’ve had the opportunity to see him for a couple of seasons.

Slightly more concerning is the pronouncement that Gary Simpson did not know about the release clause in the players contract. If he didn’t, he should have done.

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