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Monday, 12 March 2012

Grey Day.

In the morning I awake,
My arms my legs my body aches,
The sky outside is wet and grey
So begins another weary day.
So begins another weary day

That’s the chorus from the song Grey Day as performed by Madness and it’s tempting to simply write, that’s what it feels like to be an Imp at the moment thank you very much, goodnight. To elaborate a little though, where do we go from here? As mentioned before it’s scarily like last season and the way things look, the same outcome too. To listen to David Holdsworth, nothing to do with him, some players not subscribing to the correct thinking blah blah:-

"It’s a disappointing result and very frustrating. I won't say we've battered them but we've been the better team.

"I care about this club, the fans, everyone involved with this club, but we've got seven or eight boys who are on very little money. They're honest and I'll take that any day but if you can't keep a clean sheet you won't win a football match.

"Alfreton are lucky to go home with a win but they've taken the points and we have to look at why we keep conceding and certain people have to stand up and be counted. If they're not up for the fight, they won't play.

"I'm fuming. I'm sick to death of letting in soft goals, but when you have weak mentalities sometimes it frustrates the life out of me and we need to deal with it."

48% possession for the home team suggests anything but a battering Mr Holdsworth. Or being the better team. The manager talks a good game but frankly there has been no inkling that better times may be around the corner. What is usually around the corner are more journeymen, hopefuls, has beens and never were’s . A grey day indeed. Time for a change because anything is better than this.

It’s easy to point the finger, usually in the direction of Bob Dorrian, but when you interview a managerial candidate as convincing as David Holdsworth and you hear his vision for the future of the club, his methodology (he’s got an ‘ology) it all sounds so rosy coupled with the fact that he was obviously prepared to work without a contract and was able to secure players on low contracts, most fans can understand why the club went for him but the plain fact of the matter is most supporters could do at least as well managerially simply by the law of averages. No matter how poor teams are they will win eventually. Lincoln City are in urgent need of wins rather more technically and scientifically engineered than that. For someone so good at PR the statement we’re rubbish but we’re cheap really won’t do.

Oh and by the way. You can win a football match without a clean sheet. You have to score more than the opposition. Simples.

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