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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The peasants are revolting.

Another week another low. We have the consummate public relations guru, David Holdsworth who talks a good game but has led Lincoln City to the brink of oblivion and we have a board of directors who are doing a valiant job under extremely trying conditions but who, this week, have managed to alienate most of their supporters, even former chairman Rob Bradley, with an ill worded plea for unity.

The statement, which you can read on the official website, brands worried fans who are planning a public protest this coming Saturday as “a disgrace” and suggests the supporters are motivated by a desire to undermine the board of directors and to put the clubs Blue Square Bet status at risk. Whilst not condoning public protests which may indeed be counter productive, one would presume the protesters motivation is quite the reverse and that they wish to draw attention to the fact that the club seem to be heading in exactly the same direction as last season. Bob Dorrian was on the radio last Tuesday evening to say the board were confident the club could avoid relegation. Fair enough but in almost the same sentence Dorrian stated that the board did nothing to replace the then manager last season as they were equally confident that time. Well, City can’t be accused of being wise after the event.

An alternative statement was suggested in another fans website which, again you can read for yourself. That in this correspondents view would have put the same message across but not enraged the fans and might have even headed off the protest. As it is the numbers will probably be increased as a result of the clubs “let them eat cake” stance. Perhaps we should try David Holdsworth on publicity and Bob Dorrian in charge of the team. He was quite a handy footballer wasn’t he and there is a precedent for an exasperated Lincoln chairman taking over in the dugout!

This sideshow is in danger of taking centre stage which, you may recall should be occupied by the home game against Newport County. In today’s Echo there is a piece by Leigh Curtis in which he sets out his thoughts on City’s and all their rivals prospects for the remainder of the season. He has the Imps down for a home win so, there’s your reason to get down to Sincil Bank to witness that rare event, a win for City that is, not to take part in the other thing.

Having name dropped Leigh for the umpteenth time this season and quoted from his articles copiously it would only be right of me to urge you to buy your Echo, if you’re not already a subscriber, every Thursday. Today’s is the usual cracking read. Other publications available.

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