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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Every little, or indeed a lot helps.

The latest wheeze from Lincoln City is the opportunity to take part in a raffle, ticket price only £50, to have a say in the future of Sincil Bank by renaming it. Well, it’s good enough for Newcastle and just like with the Toon the idea has been almost universally condemned by fans, at least those fans who have voiced their views on Twitter.

Supporters are of the opinion that, well it’s a daft idea and in any event how many Lincoln City fans have fifty sovs to spare and how many companies for that matter? The club express the hope that £50000 may be raised which will be put straight in to the playing budget. Even my elementary maths means that 1000 tickets would need to be sold which does seem unlikely.

This, slightly desperate sounding initiative although I suppose we should be praising the club for trying is set against our nearest and not necessarily dearest, Grimsby Town who according to the Grimsby Telegraph will have a “strong budget” for next season. The Telegraph reports that the search for new players will soon gather pace. Mariners major shareholder John Fenty told the paper:-

"The managers have put proposals to us that involve a squad of 22 professional players – and we tend to subscribe to that.

"There will be chopping and changing but the managers have some fresh ideas and I am very optimistic. The managers have a had a full year in this division now and they know the level and the players very well. They are hard-working and relentless in the pursuit of new players. I take my hat off to them for that. They have been going to game after game looking at potential targets."

“The budget for players is comparable to previous years and that the club is well equipped to mount a serious and sustained assault on the top spots."

No mention of a raffle? No ambition obviously!

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