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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Putting a brave face on matters.

In yesterdays new improved, keep the fans informed, instalment the heading was “season ticket sales going well” with a picture of supporter Mark Crookes receiving his season ticket. He’s the first to renew for next season.

Sales we are told are er, well, numerous other fans have now renewed. Numerous? Read into that what you will.

The remainder of the article is a re hash of the one that has been up for some time, loyal and dedicated fans, various benefits etc etc.

Still, lets not get too down hearted, shouldn’t complain about being kept informed, it’s what we asked for after all.

Other than that there’s a nice picture of a stagecoach bus today with a reminder that season ticket holders get free bus travel to and from the game, a valuable extra. Just wish there were a few more buses southbound after an evening game to get more people out of the car and into the bus. I got a bit fed up of waiting in the cold the last time I tried it. Stagecoach provided travel worth around £3000 last season so clearly plenty of Imps took advantage of the service.

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