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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The quiet life.

No news is, well a sign that nothing much is doing down at Sincil Bank although Steve Prescott is manfully churning out the stories for whilst everyone else takes a well earned break. It is summer after all.

Actually Steve is churning, that really is the word, the same stories ie, buy a season ticket, help the club. There is also the raffle where those uninterested in naming the stadium can pay their £50 and leave it the same. Bet you didn’t think of that.

Prescott reveals that season ticket sales are very encouraging, well he would say that and up a little on last year. That is a surprise, to me anyway but it has to be said that there was a flurry of activity after the last game of the season and would be buyers can see the nucleus of the team taking shape. People will always buy into something they can see and will be reluctant to pay up when they have no idea what they’re getting. The Millennium Dome springs to mind so well done to David Holdsworth and the club for giving us something to pin our hopes on.

Word has it that already the budget has been stretched rather more than the club hierarchy might have intended but to counterbalance that the manager has been relatively modest in his own demands, no idea whether there is anything to that theory but if it is then a little excitement and progress next season surely would see the gaffer finding his way a bit more into our hearts. So much of what David Holdsworth is doing is the way the fans want to see the club heading but, and it is a terrible old cliché, but it’s a results business and they really need to be achieving some wins. Holdsworth doesn’t need me to tell him that. Having said that the vast majority of fans decidedly do not want to see the club searching for yet another manager early in the season, whatever they may think of the present one.

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