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Friday, 4 May 2012

Rumour and counter rumour.

Don’t you just love this time when speculation is rife and reality is often the total opposite?

I mentioned my interest in the Kyle Perry situation yesterday and note that elsewhere in the blogosphere the striker is said to be set to return to Telford with Robbie Williams retracing his steps back to Sincil Bank. That would make sense. Certainly Perry seemed to be a popular figure with the Bucks fans as opposed to Perry’s own fans ie us. Similarly Williams has made an impression with the Imps and many would see his return as an advantage. Presumably these loans weren’t entirely made by coincidence and in these cash strapped days a try before you buy approach would avoid ending up with a pig in a poke so to speak.

AFC Telford’s website merely state that Perry will be returning to City but that Williams has been released. In the meantime no reason not to let our fevered imaginations run riot a bit is there?

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