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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

An old fashioned night out. The Proclaimers at the De Montfort Hall Leicester.

Do you remember the Proclaimers? The geeky twins with the glasses and the impenetrable Scottish accent. Well they may not have had a hit for a while but they’re still around. In a surprisingly rocky performance the duo rattled through their repertoire, old and new with great aplomb at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester last night.

The audience of course, of a certain age, wanted to hear and sing along to the oldies but there was new material, the brothers are not resting on their laurels with just the old standards.

It’s 25 years since letter from America was in the charts, just as good today as then, Sunshine on Leith, heard that a few times at Easter Road, Let’s get married, I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) I’m on my way, the songs kept coming. The pair are not big on audience participation but it was a warm performance for all that. The proclaimed (sorry) Scottish independence advocates were very much at home with a largely English audience who lapped up the Caledonian crooners. They in turn seemed genuinely moved by the enthusiastic reception.

At the end the audience were made to work really hard for an encore clapping cheering and stomping until their favourites, together with their accomplished musical support, reappeared for three more numbers. By this time we were on our feet and the old hall was bouncing along to the feel good music.

Out we went to the car park right outside the venue and home along the newly dualled A46, 55 minutes back to Hykeham. What’s not to like?

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