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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Definitely NOT Fab U Lous Dahling!

Can you remember the last time City ran off the field of play without boos ringing in their ears, half time even? I don’t boo but I can understand the frustration and it is this; Lincoln City are a full time outfit. They play football for a living, five or six days a week. The likes of FC Halifax Town go to work like you and I during the working week. Then they come to Lincoln, backed by 500 raucous fans and play us off the park.

This is the FA Cup. The great leveller. I can understand the likes of Halifax, although in a previous incarnation a league club, just like us, but they come here, having done their weeks work and they are inspired by the surroundings and they play their hearts out. Why don’t we? Our players are rescued from the world of work but it’s not just Halifax. I’m fed up of part time outfits coming to Lincoln and making us look like amateurs.

You would think that City’s players would be the ones going that extra mile, busting a gut, they can have a lie in on Monday morning, Halifax can’t. City could run themselves into the ground. Even in our impoverished state they will have had a massage, warmed down with expert supervision, re hydrated and eaten correctly having taken the benefit of nutritionists and health professionals.

For the record I didn’t agree with the synopsis on the radio, Halifax shaded the first half sure but were not outplayed. City had numerous opportunities in the second half and they should have had superior fitness and it should have showed. I’m fed up of being outclassed by similar opposition.

The boos were, I believe, not for the team but the manager who is far from popular but I don’t believe this one is down to him. I look to the team to retrieve their reputation on Tuesday, such as it is.

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