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Friday, 19 October 2012

The cup that cheers.

When the fixture was announced, Lincoln City’s chances of progress past FC Halifax Town in the FA Cup were swiftly discounted by their shell shocked fans. Since then, something of an up turn in form has led to some having a bit more of a spring in their step. It’s always necessary, when anything like confidence in the Imps ability in a cup competition surfaces, to contemplate their past, lamentable record. Still, if City can come away from Wrexham with all three points then perhaps all is not lost in the clubs quest to at least get into the competition proper.

Halifax were put to the sword against Boston last weekend so anything they can do? No we really shouldn’t be tempting providence to that degree but very recent performances
suggest we need not be too fearful. Halifax’s form is good however as is their confidence as a look at their website reveals “The Imps enter the competition at this stage and will be grateful of the distraction from their poor league position.” Ooh get them!

Jamie Taylor is the star performer at the moment and he told the Lincolnshire Echo his FA Cup experience so far is little better than City:

"You are probably speaking to the wrong person when it comes to memorable FA Cup stories!

"For a start I have never experienced a great run and the only time I did reach the third round was with Dagenham, but we lost 5-2 to Southend.

"A few years back after I left Horsham, they then went and pulled Swansea out of the hat in the second round.

"So as you can see, my history is not the best, but hopefully this will be my year because the FA Cup has not exactly been kind to me.

"Whatever people say about this competition, it's a part of football folklore in this country – everybody loves the cup.

"People ask you about the big games, who was the best player you played against and so on.

"At the moment I can't really tell them anything which is why I would love to finish my career knowing I have made a good impression on it.

"Every player has a dream of making it to the third round and I would love to have Newcastle in the third round.

"My dad Alan is a Geordie and I went to watch them play Wigan last year.

"It was an outstanding experience and even as a Liverpool fan, St James's Park is a fantastic stadium with an amazing atmosphere."

Lets not get too carried away though although a cup run is very much on the managers wishlist, particularly with gates having slipped away alarmingly of late.

Last home game the Imps did attract a reasonable following although they conspired to lose the game having played reasonably well. Let’s hope the fans are disposed to giving the team the benefit of the doubt after their heroics in Wales. Cup form has been slightly less dire these last few seasons and another bit of a run would fit the bill nicely.

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