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Saturday, 9 February 2013

A game a game my kingdom for a game.

Rumour has it that there is to be a football match down at Sincil Bank today. Locally we’ve been entranced by the goings on over in Leicester and I’m just wondering if David Holdsworth will be revealing a fresh faced reconstructed Lincoln City or whether the embittered old hunchback who was so cruel to its supporters and ended up in an unmarked grave all that time ago will be the dominant force.

Last weeks postponement just seemed the latest twist in this stop start season that has mirrored the Imps own (mis)fortunes as another desperate season unfolds before our horrified eyes. I’m determined not to get myself all depressed again and of course City’s woes are not entirely man made. Lady luck has had a big part to play in yet another disappointing campaign. Maybe those theories about dropping the Imp to revive our fortunes may not be so wide of the mark, he is a little devil after all, not that it has done Manchester United that much harm to be so associated.

Team wise, the curious case of the loanees unfolded, Messrs Bush and Thompson departed the club but Power and Gilbert should be available which gladdens my heart but not as much as would be the case if Mo Fofana were available, he has been sorely missed. Defensively City have to improve and fast, in fact the whole team has to get its act together and regroup, once again if it’s not to be squeaky bum time yet again at Sincil Bank.

So who better to face than minnows Dartford this afternoon? No hang on a minute. Dartford are having an excellent season, in tenth place and on 41 points, still in the FA Trophy. They got a stuffing at Mansfield last weekend which you may judge a good or a bad thing, they’ll be looking to get things back on track today. They will also be looking to put the record straight and avoid City doing the double on them after City’s win, in fact City’s last win, last December when the teams met at Dartford.

It will certainly be good to be out in the fresh air and at a match again. Whether we will still feel quite as good come five o’clock as always, time will tell.

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