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Monday, 15 April 2013

A man for all seasons.

I was dismissive of the annual player of the season awards ahead of Saturday’s nerve fest, suggesting that there has been no one worthy of the award. I really did think Jamie Taylor would win and his goals have been a highlight in a season when there were few, highlights that is. Judging by his four sides of the stadium salute to the fans when he was replaced late in the game we are perhaps unlikely to see him next season, mores the pity.

There have been good performances, it would be churlish to completely deny that. Paul Farman, despite the clangers, has often kept the Imps in the game and I have enjoyed watching Andrew Boyce in his debut season. He got better with the experienced Nat Brown beside him and I’m looking forward to seeing him develop in what we all hope will be a better next season. Nat too has surprised me. Never a particular favourite of mine when he was our player he has provided a steadying influence at the back and has been very valuable to the team.

Talking of defenders I do like Tom Miller and watching him has provided particular entertainment, after all he’s had plenty to do this term. Although we’re unlikely to be seeing him again I thought Peter Gilbert was a real find. His exclusion mystified me, I thought we looked much better when he was in the side but he’s not six foot of course and that’s what we will be watching in the future I suspect.

So we come to our player of the season, Alan Power. He has his detractors, I can’t for the life of me think why. He’s industrious, skilful, hard working and a brilliant captain. When he stepped up to take that penalty that took guts. Sure a manager would say if he didn’t want to be in those positions he shouldn’t be a professional footballer. Fair enough but it still took guts and his delight at converting the penalty and the delight of everyone with Lincoln City connections was wonderful to witness. Should City survive to take their place in the Premier League next season that will be the defining moment and one of very few occasions of pure joy the team has managed. We’ll wait a few days before getting too carried away though.

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