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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Haway the lads!

Do they say that in Gateshead? It’s only just over the river from Newcastle. Yes, those clubs with a game in hand play it tonight and all yellowbelly eyes will be on Stockport who are at Gateshead. If Stockport win, they live to fight another day, albeit against a Kidderminster side who will probably need to win to secure automatic promotion back to the league. That’s another away game. If they lose tonight, City are safe from relegation.

There are two things that are shocking about this scenario for me. That it is Lincoln City who are still vulnerable and that it is Stockport County who are even more vulnerable, in fact on the edge frankly. Stockport! Who would have thought that? Whilst I can see them beating Gateshead I can’t see any salvation for them given the stakes are so high for Kiddy. Having said all this at least City’s fate is still in their hands. Whether Saturday’s game fills you with confidence in their ability to get a result against Hyde, assuming you went, is another matter but I know who I’d rather be.

The BBC’s man in the North East told BBC Lincolnshire the Tynesiders are in patchy form. They beat Luton 5-1 then promptly lost 2.0 to Nuneaton but they need to win too. Victory will ensure their safety, along with the Imps.

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