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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

No surprise there then.

Gary Simpson predicted it. You and I feared it and yes, this being Lincoln City it’s happened, it’s all going down to the last game of the season, away to Hyde before the identity of the final relegation victim is known.

It shouldn’t be City of course, a series of unlikely events has to happen to send the Imps down and Stockport are still very much on the precipice and didn’t you just know that it would be they, as we all started to relax a bit as Gateshead held their lead deep into injury time before, you guessed it, Hatters equalised.

It’s all a bit too familiar for my liking. A couple of seasons ago, City needed so little to haul themselves from danger, they didn’t get it. Even before that, when the Imps were turfed out of the league automatically for the first time they did not occupy bottom spot until the end of the last game of the season and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as not only the Gods conspired against us, even stray dogs got in on the act if you can remember that far back.

Well, let’s hope the Gods are with us this time and all dogs under control or that little red devil really is going to have to go.

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