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Friday, 12 April 2013

Once more unto the…….disappointment and soul searching?

Well here we are again on a now well trodden path. As we await the final home game of the season the player of the season awards are at best an irrelevance, very possibly a hindrance. Personally I’d scrap them for this season. There hasn’t been a player of the season.

Are we looking forward to a pleasant afternoon in our shorts either biting our nails over getting into the playoffs or better? No we are not. Spring hasn’t even arrived, unless you count the other afternoon. Are we looking forward to a meaningless fixture, relaxed as to the outcome? No we are not. Is there anything about the prospects of the next two, final (possibly in all senses of the word) games that makes us glad we are a Lincoln City supporter? No there is not.

The board have issued a rallying call, most important game, probably of them all. If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable. This announcement has been greeted by derision and suspicion frankly. The comment on the Lincolnshire Echo website make very interesting reading as does the Lincoln Vital website.

I shall be there tomorrow, as will more than the usual I suspect. Whether this will do good or harm I don’t know. The cynic in me sees the club getting in as much money as possible, not that it’s not needed. Financial as well as football Armageddon can’t be too far round the corner. I’ll make these predictions, it won’t be sorted out tomorrow, that’s not a prediction, it’s a fact looking at the table and City, just for once will squeak home and survive in the league, just. Whether it would be a good or bad thing I don’t know that either.

I’m not privy to these things but I believe season ticket sales were a disappointment this season. I think that will be nothing to the next season, if we get that far. The level of disillusionment and detachment I detect from my fellow fans is palpable and I really don’t know what kind of support can be expected next season, whatever league we are in. I expected a lengthy stay in the fifth tier. At this rate we will be glad of it; if that’s the way it pans out.

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