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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Plenty of change available at the Bank.

Ok, it’s an old cliché but it wasn’t pretty at Sincil Bank but many’s a time City would have attempted to play the likes of Cambridge United at their own game and come unstuck. Well, as their manager explained to the Cambridge Evening News, United did The Imps the honour, I suppose you could say, of playing City at their own game. As it happened, neither side came unstuck and whilst you might agonise over what might have been it’s another point towards a survival that is now looking achievable. An impeccable source heard straight from Grant Browns mouth that he believes City will need two more points to be secure. To be honest, they never really looked as if they would get them yesterday.

Here’s what the U’s manager, Richard Money had to say about City’s approach:-

“It’s amazing this football world, the way people perceive this game should be played, but unfortunately you have to come and stand up to it because if you don’t you get rolled over.

“If you want to know how I got my team selection, I picked the biggest players we had and tried to put them in some sort of shape, that’s the top and bottom of it, 
because if you’re not big enough to deal with set-plays and things that come in your box, you’re going to get beaten.

“Thank goodness we’ve got a goalkeeper that can come and help what’s quite a small back four cope.

“I thought first half we played well and with an incisive pass on a difficult surface at the right time, we might have got ourselves a goal .

“Second half the pressure builds and they’ve got six on the pitch who are over 6ft 2in and they bring on two subs who are also 6ft 2in, so you’ve got to cope with the pressure, the long ball and have to get the right people in the right holes to match it.

Sound familiar? I don’t think, when Gary Simpson was appointed, any Imps fans expected anything else and, whilst intricate football can be a beautiful thing we have got to get ourselves a lot further up the pyramid before we can even think of reintroducing it.

Having said all of the above, any pleasure the home fans took from the goalless draw was in the fact that it was another point in the scramble for survival; the football was humdrum to say the least. The Echo’s Leigh Curtis tweeted during the match of his dismay that City had played so well in the last two away fixtures and it was definitely bread but no jam on Monday. Oh well, there should be some reward for such devotion that our away following display.

Those elusive two points will, in the fans minds, be extremely hard to come by in the next fixture, away to Kidderminster for whom the term high flying might be judged to be an understatement but there again, the managers mentor made something of a habit of gatecrashing a party and making off with all the sausage rolls didn’t he?

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