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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Money Money Money, must be funny- in a rich mans world.

I must admit to feeling rather amused to be still reading about Cambridge United’s manager, Richard Money’s comments about Lincoln City’s style of play against them on Easter Monday.

I commented on Tuesday and quoted a fair bit of what he had to say and today it appears in the Pitchero Non League website. A twitter follower complained of his annoyance at what the U’s manager had to say but it doesn’t bother me in the way it used to when Keith was the manager and, for those of us fans rather longer in the tooth they used to disparage us when John Beck was the manager. Although it didn’t happen on his watch, such was John Reams’ eagerness to regularly dispatch managers, for "three very serious breaches of contract" we were told.  Beck’s methods, and I do mean methods, he was very keen on that, did get City promoted to league one although we enjoyed little success. We did however enjoy, and it seems strange to look back, games against Manchester City, Stoke, Fulham and Reading, if my memory serves me correctly, that’s right, league games.

Just another titbit of Money’s considered opinion of the City approach:-

“On Monday you’ve got to come here, put your tin hats on and cope with that.

“Is it want I want to be involved in? No, not really, but you’ve got to be pragmatic and get on and do it.

Cambridge United are 12th in the league, just thought I’d throw that in.

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