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Friday, 23 August 2013

Haircuts, Home Wins and other such matters.

Those supporters who have attended any games this season can’t have failed to notice the distinctly dodgy Barnets on display from City’s players this season. It’s all Dan Gray’s fault apparently; well he started it according to Paul Farman in the Echo. Personally I can’t believe Andrew Boyce didn’t have a large part to play in the latest tragedies, he seems to be always up for some fun at the others expense.

Talking of fun at other’s expense who’d have thought City would have got off to the start they have? Certainly Forest Green Rovers’ manager was most put out that his team left Sincil Bank pointless although I can’t say I entirely agree with his verdict that Rovers were the best team. Decent certainly and with money behind them they should do well this season but better than the Imps? I didn’t think so.

Wins at home of course underpin a successful season and if a reasonable haul of points can be gained on the road then its drinks all round come the end of the season but let’s not get carried away, it’s still August. I will say though, if Keith Alexander had a fault as a manager (am I allowed to say this?) in his time as manager at Lincoln City it was that too many home games were drawn. On the other hand his win ratio away must have been amongst the best anywhere but two home wins out of two is certainly the way to rekindle interest in the Imps.

Just before we leave thoughts of Keith he of course would have been absolutely delighted at the Forest Green manager’s sour grapes on losing so it’s not just Gary Simson’s yellow socks that remind us of that great man.

Whether we will all be quite so buoyant after this Bank Holiday fixtures nobody knows. It always strikes me that we seldom take full advantage of two games in quick succession but there again we’ve never beaten Forest Green Rovers at home before. Certainly cracks are already beginning to show in City’s armour and the manager has stated he will need to vary the team to get through the double header. I thought that’s what squads are for. Simpson told the Echo:-

“You have to take the weekend as a double header, there are one or two have picked up a couple of knocks from the Forest Green game. Thank you Gary, I’ve just said that.
“If I play a couple of them in the Cambridge match then there is no chance of them making the second game and it could turn into something a little bit longer.
“So I have to be a bit careful and I will have to mix and match it. Fingers crossed if the others pull through we might have two or three who are fresh coming into the Wrexham game.”
So two tough games coming up. Not so long ago they were all tough games as the team strove for success in the play offs. Certainly I’ve never enjoyed my football since the way I enjoyed those matches. Maybe those times might be back on the distant horizon, you never know.

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