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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A case of déjà vu-only the other way round.

As I sat in the Echo Stand at Sincil Bank last night watching City cruise past Worcester City to reach the first round proper of the FA Cup, I couldn’t help thinking I’d been somewhere before in some of the many Imps games I’d watched.

City did indeed cruise past their opponents, four goals wouldn’t have been flattering but they didn’t particularly dominate Worcester in fact at times it was a bit of a tussle. Certainly poor old Conner Robinson knew he’d been in a battle as he was felled very early on by a tackle that could be described as robust at the very least and that’s being kind. A yellow card was shown but it just goes to show if we thought the premier league was a bit rustic pretty much anything goes in the division below.

I found myself seeing things from Worcester’s point of view or at least their fans in that they were doing ok when City scored then they settled down and City scored again and so on. I’ve watched the Imps play countless supposedly better teams in various cup competitions, give a good account of themselves but still go down to a few well taken goals.

I’m not complaining though. City continue to labour although Tomlinson was in sparkling form, really enjoyed watching him, I thought the new boy did well and Newton is a splendid mix of belligerence and pace. I really like seeing him play.

Plymouth Argyle next, in fact the next home game and a good time to be playing what will be to many City fans quite an exotic opponent, certainly one whose orbit we have rarely encountered but who are somewhat down on their luck at the moment. The FA Cup is not quite the graveyard of our hopes it was hitherto and if that’s not tempting providence I don’t know what is.

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