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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Farman master class fails to inspire Imps.

Anyone approaching the upcoming clash with Aldershot having looked at their lowly league position would have been lulled into a false sense of security. Shots were deducted ten points and their second to bottom position was not a true reflection of their current form.

Having said that Aldershot did not need to be particularly brilliant to claim all three points from the encounter at Sincil Bank. A combination of poor tactics, not on the manager’s part he quickly explained to Michael Hortin on BBC Radio Lincolnshire after the game, they simply ignored his instructions, but an inexplicable handball in the penalty area left the referee no choice but to award a spot kick. This was gleefully accepted by Aldershot who, having survived a decent first half showing from the Imps, couldn’t believe their luck at City’s naivety. Once they converted right at the start of the second half Shots then proceeded to try every trick in the book to run the clock down and why not?

Paul Farman was the only possible choice for home man of the match and that award was given principally for a quite brilliant triple, or was it more, save when the defence went awol a la last season leaving the Imps stopper to deny Aldershot single handed as the shots rained in.

Talking of rain the crowd retreated further and further back in the stands as the heavens opened and wind blew furiously, straight into the faces of our heroes who could not find a way past Aldershot’s rear guard. For the second home match in succession City were shut out and have now taken one point from a possible six.

Simpson bemoaned a lack of resources once again and It’s difficult to counter the argument that City are still a cut price outfit and the sort of strikers who could have provided the key to victory in both of this week’s home encounters are outside of our price range. There was another very decent showing of fans present, despite the weather and it’s a shame that, as the fans return to Sincil Bank many will be put off attending on a more regular basis in the face of two poor performances or at least poor results as of course this is one area where City do have an advantage over some better resourced but smaller clubs, they do have a large fan base who have shown they will turn out if the Imps can show decent home form. They were doing until now, rewarding those at the Bank with home wins but now stay at home supporters will be wondering if City are reverting to type and will leave their bobble hats on the shelf until things improve.

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