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Friday, 11 October 2013

Injuries calling the shots.

Imps go into Saturday’s game with Aldershot minus Ben Tomlinson. Gary Simpson warned the loss of the striker was inevitable a couple of weeks ago and sure enough he now serves a one match ban but it is the unavoidable knocks that beset the squad at the moment:-

“We are getting to that stage of the season when we are going to start picking things up like suspensions. Tom Miller was feeling his groin on Tuesday and one or two others look like they might need a breather. But it’s just when to give them that breather because there are one or two hovering on four bookings.” Simpson explained.

At least the weekend should bring a different sort of spectacle to the ones fans suffered on Tuesday night and one players suspension means another’s opportunity:-

"We don’t have Thommo on Saturday, so someone is going to have to play in his place. We’ll have a look and see which way we want to go and pick a team accordingly.

"Every game throws up something else. This game on Saturday will be another kind of game because they have pace and people that can take you on and probably play a bit more open at times. They will try to hit us on the break with the pace that they’ve got.”

Simpson hinted at a surprise recall for Conner Robinson. If he did then a certain Mr Fairhurst will wear an even darker expression to the one he displayed against Tamworth:-
“Waide looked a lot more sharper when he came on the other day” said the boss, damning Fairhurst with faint praise. I expect the striker to have a somewhat sunnier disposition come tomorrow leaving Robinson to further his fitness regime at the Northolme where he is earning good reviews for his displays in Conference North:-

“At the minute we think it’s better that he’s playing, he looks a lot sharper in training,” confirmed Simmo.

There are other options of course and our Gary does like to keep us on our toes.

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