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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bob’s yer Chairman.

It’s been a bit quiet on the Lincoln City front and certainly quiet on this blog mainly due to me not attending any matches.

Bob Dorrian has relieved the tedium though as he tries to rally the troops or is it deflect news of the latest loss by tossing a few sweets to the audience, pantomime syle? “Oh no he didn’t” “Oh yes he did!”

Bob tells the Echo he’s been putting his money where his mouth is to get the club over a lack of home games:-

"We had a series of away fixtures which hit us quite hard so I had to put £20,000 in to pay the wages."

However, stories about the board being unresponsive to potential investors are wide of the mark:-

“Back in 2011 I was contacted by a potential investment consortium who were looking to get involved," said Dorrian.
"There was a lot of talk between intermediaries, but no concrete offer came forward.
"By this point the club was in a serious position financially and myself and other directors had to step forward and form the holding company to keep the club going.
"I hear how we have turned down investment. The truth is there was nothing concrete to turn down.
"I hope that if there is anyone in that group of people still interested in investing that they will come forward.
"I cannot stress enough how we are willing to take a new investor onto the board.
"In the last three years we have brought in David Parman, David Featherstone, Roger Bates and Chris Moyses.
"They have all brought something different, so we would happily add to that."
Crowds, we are told are better than budgeted for and, in an effort, no doubt to take the heat off his beleaguered manager the Chairman praised Gary Simpson’s financial and man management skills whilst confirming that any money raised from player sales will go on the squad:-

"If you sell a player for £40,000, it means you are able to think about wages, or bid for a player worth, say, £10,000," said Bob.
"It is about being shrewd with the deals, but also being aware of who potentially could be sold.
"That's why Gary Simpson is a good manager for Lincoln City.
"He knows that if he cannot keep hold of a player, he already has a target in mind of someone to bring in.
"Furthermore he has a superb record for selling on players, making £1.3million in his final season at his previous club."

As we all now know another thumping loss is on the cards but not as bad as previously and furthermore, it’s all under control and the club will not be going part time:-

"It would be unambitious of us to go part-time,"
"Also, to do so would make it very difficult to then go full-time in the future.
"I have seen a lot of clubs called part-time in this division, however my impression is that only three or four are 'properly' part-time."

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