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Sunday, 23 February 2014

A tale of three cities.

I’ve always thought it odd that Chester City for years were called Chester FC. Odd because only if you are a city can you call your football club City and there aren’t many cities. Anyone can be an Albion or a Hotspur but you’ve got to be a city to be City.

Anyway back to yesterdays match between Lincoln City and the now Chester City and in fact there were three City’s on display. The aforementioned opposition, the swashbuckling Lincoln City that took the lead and threatened to run roughshod over Chester but who failed to add to their tally even when offered the advantage of a penalty for an obvious handball and the dejected hearts in their boots Lincoln City who reacted to Alan Powers penalty miss or rather tame shot at the keeper, by completely losing it and almost losing the match. I said to my neighbouring supporter with about 10 minutes to go I’d gladly settle for the final whistle and so it proved as, huff and puff as they did, The Imps only looked more and more likely to throw away all three points as opposed to just the two.

Poor old Alan Power. Not only did he fail in his penalty kick but when inexplicably named as man of the match by the sponsors who presumably spent most of the second half in their boxes watching the telly, managed to elicit a round of boos for his efforts! He wasn’t that bad surely? I prefer to believe the boos were for the sponsors who, having watched the efforts of the team managed to name possibly the eighth best performance of the day in City colours. Whatever the energetic and accurate Newton, Miller and keeper Townsend, all well ahead of the MOM in my humble opinion thought we will never know.

The goal scorer was another solid performer, Delano Sam-Yorke whom I noticed is now largely being referred to by the Imps support as Sam as in come on Sam, you can do it. It’s Delano folks although I suppose come on Delano is a bit of a mouthful and Del is perhaps a bit presumptuous, after all we’ve only just been introduced although I’m jolly glad we have been.

Another welcome signing is Thierry Audel although it was his faux pas that led to Chester’s goal. (Did you see what I did there?) Nevertheless the Frenchman has given the City defence a lot more reliable look and I don’t think it’s any surprise that since those two players arrival City have had a more robust look and have picked up points. City really should have won and won easily though. I did enjoy the game although whether I would think that had the Imps done what I feared they might is debateable.

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