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Monday, 10 February 2014

How the mighty have fallen.

I trust we all had a good laugh at Man U’s expense? Did it, in a small way remind you of our own discomfiture, the latest manifestation of which played out at Hyde last Saturday?

I hesitate to be critical of a manager who I’m sure is doing his best. I don’t want this manager and have never wanted any Lincoln City manager to fail but I thought the latest misadventure just about takes the biscuit.

I listened to snatches of the commentary on the radio and learned that Farman was injured. Steve Thompson said the manager will have to determine if he was fit enough to continue otherwise an outfield player would have to go in goal. I thought no more about it except to say to myself, obviously, Preece would go in goal.

It was only later when I switched on my radio I realised a goalkeeper had not been named as a substitute. What kind of madness is that? Whilst I by no means expected a win at Hyde travelling without a substitute goalkeeper is a sure and certain way of putting that likelihood at risk. I really can’t believe it happened. Not only that but we put our best player in goal. I was furthermore alarmed to read in the Echo:-

“The manager, Gary Simpson, asked at half-time who would want to go in goal,” said Newton. “I said I had done it before when I was in my youth team, I was a bit more confident about it, and David Preece, the goalkeeping coach, said it would be better for me to do it.”

So we went to Hyde without a sub keeper and the manager had to ask who fancied a go at it. You couldn’t make it up.

As it happened, City did win, so what do I know?

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