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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The bright lights beckon.

All the time I wrote for Give me Football with their millions of readers I nurtured hopes that maybe one day a message would pop into my inbox inviting me on the radio or the paper, they had been intoxicated by the allure of my prose.

Apart from an admittedly very pleasant afternoon spent in the boardroom and in the directors box of Watford FC where I was a guest of the PFA there was no such recognition.

I moved on to Lincoln City Mad and another blog, both of which attracted large numbers of readers, nothing.

Now I sit here in my lonely garret sharing my thoughts with my small but beautifully formed readership when what should happen? A tweet from Rob Makepeace of BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Would I care to come on to William Wrights drive time show to have a chat about Saturdays debacle? Fame at last, of course I would.

This sort of thing happens to people all the time of course but it was a first for me. I gave a phone number for where I would be at 4.30 and waited. At 4.35 I assumed I’d been bumped but no, the phone rang and I was speaking to a young lady from the station. Ok to put you through to the studio? Yes, lead me to it.

Funnily enough I‘d been nervous when that first message came through, now I was calm. I was quite surprised how long I was on, I’d expected a couple of questions but in fact it went on for a good 10 or 15 minutes. I could hear the studio discussion between William Wright and Rob and then I was on.

Later driving home I heard myself on the news. It didn’t sound like me at first. I was also represented on the news as saying I thought the club had done everything in its power to prevent the incursion. You can re read yesterday’s article to remind yourself of what I really thought although I certainly hope the FA see it that way.

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