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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Video didn’t kill the radio star.

It’s always nice to get some recognition and gratifying to think that professional journalists are reading the blog and that recognition came in the form of an invitation to take part in a phone in on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. This was a hastily arranged programme to replace the usual coverage of the away fixture against Chester which of course fell foul of the weather.

This is the third time I’ve been on the radio so it’s starting to get second nature although listening to the caller on before me he seemed really quite knowledgeable but I was reassured when I was introduced by Rob Makepeace who referred to the blog and wanted me to comment on my latest article in it. I also got to have a word with Lincoln City legend Rob Bradley on air. Hopefully I didn’t sound like a complete plonker but we’ll know if I’m invited back on again some time.

Nothing like a game of course and you do just wonder if maybe opponents are not too fussed when a game against City is postponed, maybe later in the season we may not be on fire the way we are at the moment but of course you’ve still got to get a local referee to postpone. In Alfretons case the game would have been a good earner as a lot of fans me included would have gone so possibly I’m taking the conspiracy theory a bit too far.

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